A Round up of the best Herbal Nervines


If you find yourself struggling with anxiety or insomnia, herbal nervines can really help.  When I grow these herbs and connect with them on an energetic level they are like sweet comforting friends who know just when to give a hug and just when to tell you to get up and dust yourself off and keep going.


Lemon Balm

I use this for my kids all the time, it is one of those gentle safe herbs that not only smell good but taste good too.  It calms the mind, releives anxious jitters and prepares us for sleep. Use as an infusion warm or cold (makes the best ice tea!).  For the kids you could even create Lemon Balm popsicles.



A classic relaxant.  Most people would know about lavender and its calming soothing qualities.  Use the buds in a small sachet pillow on your bed to inhale before and during sleep.



I find the energy of skullcap to be very "take no crap".  It doesn't have a strong fragrance like most of the other nervine herbs and is best used in a tincture.  It quietens the mind, as though it is going through and just cleansing all those circular negative thoughts.


Milky Oats and Oatstraw

Milky oats are the fresh unripe tops of oats, best used in a tincture.  A beautiful nourishing and very relaxing option, it is very useful if you have a busy active lifestyle and find it difficult to switch off and rest.  Oatstraw is the stems of the same plant and is used in an infusion.  Also calming and soothing with the added benefit of being a collagen booster so fantastic for skin hair and nails too.