How I healed my Diastasis Recti

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Firstly let me just say I am not a physiotherapist, fitness expert, nutritionist or an expert on Diastasis Recti or anything of the kind.  This is my story on what worked for me, everyone is different.  I am a mother who has had two children and with each my abdominal separation became worse.  It’s been four years since I last gave birth.  In that four years I have tried many things.  I have tried the MUTU program, which by the way is excellent and definitely helped with nutrition and basic exercise knowledge on what you should and should not do when you have a diastasis recti.  I have gone to physiotherapists and tried many of the exercises.  The basic problem for me I think, though, was not that I only had separation (two fingers width) but that my tissues were so damaged that they could not heal.  Add in to this adrenal fatigue and a body that was absolutely depleted of nutrients and my chances of healing through exercise alone were pretty much nonexistent. 

So I am going to tell you what worked for me in the hopes that it helps someone out there.  Firstly I managed my adrenal fatigue.  I started eating whole nourishing foods and…. drinking NETTLE tea infusions!  This without a doubt restored some vital nutrients in my body that had been depleted from making two babies and then breastfeeding them.  Nettle tea is amazing.  I could go on and on about the benefits but this is just the first step.

The next step was to use this little hero in a bottle:

Comfrey Oil.

It occurred to me after doing an online course in herbal medicine with the Chestnut School of herbs that if one of Comfrey's common names is “Knitbone” because it is so good at healing deep wounds then surely it would work on damaged tissues in my abdominal area.  So I made a solar infusion for a full lunar cycle using my own grown Comfrey and tested it out.  You should only use Comfrey oil for two weeks at a time with a two week break in between to avoid any alkaloids build up in your liver. *Never take Comfrey internally.

After two weeks of rubbing this oil on every night after a shower, my belly button started to draw in and when I tested my abdominal separation width it had gone down to less than half a finger.  I now have an "innie" belly button again instead of an "outie".  The only down side I experienced, which everyone experiences when their tummy muscles draw in again after birth, was bad back pain for the first few days.

I cannot recommend this oil enough.  After the two weeks I started doing the recommended exercises again for diastasis recti and my abdomen has just gone from strength to strength.  After four years where nothing seemed to be working, I healed my diastasis recti in two weeks!

You can make your own by following our instructions for making an infused oil here and just swapping out the calendula for dried comfrey.

OR you can simply buy your own little hero in a bottle right in our store, the exact same one that I used myself.  Buy your own bottle of our Comfrey Oil here. Who knows?  It might be just the thing that works.

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