Smudging your Sacred Space

Smudging is a way of energetically cleansing your home, sacred space or self of negativity.  It provides an uplifting scent that raises your vibration in preparation for meditation and allows for a deeper connection to the Source of all creation. 

It is also fantastic at repelling mosquitoes and insects.

I usually light mine with a candle and keep that candle in my other hand as I move from room to room to relight the wood as I need to.  Make sure the stick is lit first with the flame burning on the end, wait a few seconds and blow it out.  This will give you a nice ember on the end which will smoke well.  As always, when dealing with fire, be careful and never leave a lit flame unattended.

Be present with your intentions, you might like to breathe and center before hand.  Your intention may be to bring more love in your life, or just to dispel negativity.  Move in a counter clockwise (for clearing) or clockwise (for manifesting) motion around the room, then go from room to room.  I always like to start with the most used room in the house and move down from there to the least used room.  Sometimes I will feel that once space needs more cleansing and so I will stay there for longer.  Most of all have fun with it.

Once you have finished smudging, if your ember is still smoking, you can rest the smudge stick on a shell or bowl, or even an incense dish, to avoid ash falling on your furniture.