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How to create a Bath Altar

How to create a Bath Altar


The luxurious art of aromatic bathing has been around for centuries.  It can affect you in the most exquisite ways.  Scent alters your mood, the water and oils you steep your body in can affect your spirit, even acting as a portal for channeling.

We love creating our own Bath Recipes for bathing therapy.  They all contain the same elements: oils and such for the water, candles and music, but for a truly immersive experience adding a Bath Altar can create a spiritual experience.  

Elements for a Bath Altar:

A plank of wood. 

Using cedar or pine or even camphor laurel are great choices, being fragrant on their own and having their own unique energetic properties.  You can find some nice planks from Sunday Markets sometimes.  I personally use a camphor laurel plank hand milled by a local at the Tamborine Country Markets.  It was actually a gift from my husband for our fifth year anniversary and was significant because we were married under a camphor laurel tree and it is one of our absolute favourite trees.



Beeswax is always the best choice being non toxic and the only candle wax that actually purifies the air instead of contaminating it.  Please do not use artificially scented candles, they are so harmful for your endocrine system.


A plant or cut flowers/herbs. 

Consider the energy of the plant you are bringing in and choose one which relates to the ritual or therapy you need.



Something with oil in it to slather all over your skin or pour into the bath water.  Maybe a face mask, or a strong herbal infusion to pour into the water.


The wood represents the earth element, the plant represents air and the candles fire.  And of course you have water covered because you are in a bath!

Play some relaxing music and lay back.  Allow any thoughts to drift in and out.  then start to play with the elements on your altar.  If you are trying to manifest something in your life this is the perfect time to visualize it.  You could even bring in a herbal tea to drink.

Play around with different plants and oils, scents and music.  The combinations are endless.




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