How to make a Calendula Oil and Balm

Calendula are such bright cheery little blooms.  Their golden faces open to greet the morning sun and at sunset they close up as though going to sleep.  They are rich in compounds so beneficial for skin and wound healing, but are gentle and soothing.  Making an infused oil with their blossoms is a simple way to add this helpful ally into your home herbal first aid.
The first step is to use where possible, home grown or certified organic blooms.  Calendula are so simple to grow in many climates all around Australia and their seeds are readily available.  They are also quite quick to flower from germination too.  Harvest them and dry them well.  They must be absolutely dry before adding to the oil, to reduce the likelihood of the oil going rancid (water and oil are not good combos!).
Add the blossoms to a clean, sterilized jar, right up to the top.  Then just add your chosen oil.  Olive oil is very good to start with because it doesn't go rancid very easily, but you could also use sweet almond, coconut or jojoba oils. 
Screw your lid on tight and leave the oil to sit on a sunny windowsill for four to six weeks, shaking daily.  I like to start my oils on the full moon and strain them the following full moon.
To strain, use a muslin cloth over a mesh strainer and pour the oil into another sterilized jar.  Then seal, date and label.  Use on rash, dry skin, burns (after they have cooled), bites stings and any skin condition that needs some help.  Will keep for 6 months but if you keep it in the fridge it will last longer.  If it smells off or starts to grow throw it out.  You may see some brownish cloudy bits down the bottom of the oil, this is just herbal sediment.
To create a balm, simply add 5 grams of beeswax to 40ml of oil, melt in a double boiler together over low heat and pour into jars to set.
Happy creating!
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