My Story


I just wanted to share my story with you all over here on the blog in a little bit more depth.  

A few years ago I was stressed, overworked with two kids whose pregnancies and new born phases I worked through, even sending emails from the hospital bed hours after giving birth.  I did not stop.  I was working for myself in the demanding wedding industry, doing flowers, styling and running a hugely successful hire business.  And then after I had my second child and tried to do it all again, I crashed.  My health deteriorated.  I had crazy mood swings, I was anxious ALL the time, waking up with the feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach and actual physical shakes as though I had too much coffee.  I had acne, greasy hair with dandruff and frizz, my periods were so out of whack, sometimes only 21 days apart.  I was so depleted of nutrients and running on fumes. I felt like I was on a treadmill that I could not get off.  But you know what? I did.  I simply stepped off.  It was somehow the hardest thing to come to as a realisation but once I did and I actually made that step, that step was one of the easiest things ever.  Not to say it wasn't a struggle to now adjust to trying to be more present, to being more in the now and slowing down when my whole life previously I had equated business with success, but that step just felt so right that I didn't question it.

Suddenly I remembered who I was, I felt like I was waking up.  I started to turn to things I enjoyed when I was a young adult fresh out of high school.  I came back to myself.  One of the things I had always loved doing was making my own skincare, though back then this consisted more of slathering an avocado on my face or rinsing my hair with a rosemary infusion.  

The more I looked after myself, the better I felt.  The more I filled my cup, the more I started to give to the people I loved.  

There's way more to this story but this was the beginning.  From this Bohemian Farmhouse was born.  Because I am so filled up now, that I want to help others.  I want to help you return to nature, to slow, to nurturing self care and away from busy, frantic overwhelm.

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