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Ritual Self Care

Ritual Self Care


How can ritual self care help nourish a connection to our spirits?

When your body is aching, when it has daily little nags and niggles, do you pay attention?  Do you listen?  Or do you do what so many of us do in today's word and simply ignore it?

Each little niggle is a message from your body.  They are invitations to self care, and from there to self love.  Nurture your body and so nurture your soul.

The ways in which you can self care will depend entirely upon what suits you best, this is not a one size fits all kind of thing and there is no right or wrong answer.  Think about what makes you feel restored, rejuvenated and refreshed.  Relaxation is one step toward these three R's, but its not the end goal.  What can you do today that will restore confidence, a sense of peace, a return of sensuality or motivation?

One way you can nurture yourself is simply by giving yourself a bath or a ritual facial.  And I don't mean grab some bottles and wash your face.  What I mean is setting aside a good half hour to hour, creating "space" (I'll explore this further) and lovingly applying all natural concoctions lotions and potions which can elevate your spirits.

When Cleopatra immersed herself in a bath full of roses, milk and honey, when she lathered herself in headily fragrant oils we think if her motivations as being for vanity, for beauty or to ensnare a lover.  And while that may be true, there is so much more to it than that.

What if she was simply connecting to that seductive part of her nature, her divine feminine?  She knew that these rituals were more about beauty, they went far beyond skin deep.

How to create "Space"

Remove distractions.  If you have children, do what you can to keep them occupied or have someone look after them for you.  If you have trouble doing this you need to practice asking for this time for yourself.  It's so important.

Do what you can to make the area or room pleasurable to you.  Light candles, bring in fresh flowers, play your favourite relaxing or uplifting music.  

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