Rose & Reishi Cacao Drink



- 250ml Plant Mylk (or milk of your choice)

- One Tablespoon of Organic Cacao

- One Teaspoon of Rose Petal powder

- One Half Teaspoon of Reishi powder

For the heated option, warm the milk in a pan over the stove top and add in your powders once the milk is steamed, stir, then take off the heat and continue to stir till all combined.

For the chilled option, use a blender and add in either crushed ice or frozen yogurt/icecream.  Add rose petals and a dust of cinnamon to ganrish.

Cacao and Mushroom have a beautiful symbiotic relationship and when used together absorb more readily into the body.  You could use chaga or lions mane instead.  Rose is a beautiful heart opener and adds a delicate turkish delight flavour.  You can also add herbal liquids or flower essences to your tonic to up the vibe.  

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