Yarrow - the protector and healer

Since I renewed my journey on the path of herbalism Yarrow has been calling to me very strongly.  I've researched everything I possibly can with it. I have sat with the plant and meditated.  I put it under my pillow and dreamt with it.  I've carried a sprig of it in my purse as a talisman.  One thing I can say is it's a really good friend.

It grows so abundantly on our land, loving stretching out and it pops up everywhere alongside our pink primrose.  I have used it in a tincture, an infused oil, a flower essence and in a tea.  I even distilled some for it's floral water.  

To me Yarrow is a protector, especially for sensitive, empathetic people.  For the body it heals but for the spirit, it creates boundaries around your energy.  If you are one of those people who get worn out from social gatherings, drained by negative people and sometimes feel the weight of the worlds problems on your shoulders, then Yarrow will help.

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