Kaldi Skin Polish

Kaldi Skin Polish

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A coffee scrub can help revitalize your skin revealing fresh glowing skin underneath that is super soft.

It feels lightly exfoliating and not harsh and as you breathe deeply working your hands all over your body in little circles, the shower fills with the scent of coffee, flowers, fresh peppermint and a light hint of sweet orange.

Our scrub uses Organic Arabica Coffee, from fair trade certified producers, ensuring a sustainable future and fair living conditions, with no chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers.  We add in organic Australian ground oats, organically grown crushed Rosehips and powdered rose petals, chamomile flowers and lavender buds grown right here on our land, tended to with love and absolutely no chemicals.  We then add our own infused calendula oil, using our own grown Calendula flowers to soothe inflammation and encourage cell renewal on the skin that the scrub has revealed to deeply moisturize. 

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