Anu Hydrating Mask

Anu Hydrating Mask

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With pink rose petals, moisture loving marshmallow root, Reishi and pink clay to give you a face mask experience that is blissfully nurturing and lovingly hydrating. Rich and earthy with a subtle yet heavenly rose scent.  Deeply nourishing to hydrate tired skin. 

Our face mask comes as a powder.  All that's needed is a little bowl, a few drops of water and you can then brush on the face mask for a nourishing experience. Wait till dry and gently remove with a warm (but not hot) face cloth.

Super boost your mask and use these instead of water:

Coconut water or milk - extra hydration

Yogurt - natural source of lactic acidosis for exfoliation

Honey - soothing, and nourishing  (mix with a little water as well for better consistency)

Any one of our Flower water toning mists - Black Forest for blemishes, Sea witch for a skin nutrient boost and Danu for hydration.


One jar is good for about 40 masks depending on the desired consistency.  50ml jar. 

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