ETAIN | Hemp + Kakadu Plum Face Cleanser

ETAIN | Hemp + Kakadu Plum Face Cleanser

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A magical gel to milk cleansing formula, purifying and gentle on the skin, without stripping natural oils or ruining the natural lipid barrier whilst still being an effective cleanser.  We’ve used Kakadu plum, a potent source of natural vitamin c to encourage brightness and hemp seed oil, the only oil with a comodogenic rating of 0 which means it abolustely won’t clog pores, yet it’s still so high in all the beautiful nutrients that skin needs.  The base of this cleanser is an amazing natural gel, which is derived from sugar cane.  Pump some into the palm of your hand and add a sprinkle of water and watch the alchemical transformation from green gel to white creamy milk occur like magic.

Suitable for all skin types. 
No chemicals, surfactants or artificial fragrances. 

ETAIN was a Celtic goddess who transformed into a butterfly, and later a swan. She is associated with transformation, rebirth, love and purity. 

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