Cosmic Calendar Book
Cosmic Calendar Book
Cosmic Calendar Book

Cosmic Calendar Book

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Go from astrology-curious to cosmically empowered with this expert guide to decoding the stars for everyday life

Timing is everything—and astrology is a personalized calendar designed just for you. Go beyond the memes and clichés to discover how to use this ancient system to get in sync with the stars—to become the fully empowered, energized, and happy human you are uniquely meant to be.

With fascinating, funny, and spot-on insights—and without jargon or technical details—popular astrologer and columnist Christopher Renstrom illuminates the “time stamp” the stars gave you when you were born, giving you actionable insights to help you work with the stars, not against them, to live your best life every day.

You’ll discover:

How the signs and seasons of the year work together to tell us when to take action

What the planets and the four elements reveal about our personalities and preferences

The best time to start a new relationship, quit your job, and finally get your finances in order—based on your unique astrological profile
If you’re ready to go beyond the basics—but not into the weeds—level up with The Cosmic Calendar.

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