Custom Flower Essence Remedy
Custom Flower Essence Remedy

Custom Flower Essence Remedy

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Flower Essences can help with a range of emotional and mental concerns, from anxiety to self love and many more in between.  A tailored approach to your unique needs will result in a remedy specific for your healing journey.  Upon booking a questionnaire will be emailed to you and we will use this and any notes you have to create a remedy. This remedy will then be sent to you via post with instructions and an affirmation. 

Flower essences work on a vibrational level to help us activate our own ability to heal.

An example...

A woman in her thirties who is a new mother, is consumed with thoughts and fears for her child’s well-being and safety, cannot sleep at night and feels overwhelmed with her responsibilities.

By taking the remedy we create for her from a combination of up to seven different flower essences, which she will take three times a day for a minimum of a month she will start to activate her energetic body to heal on a vibrational level and through this her physical, emotional and mental bodies,  relating a sense of overall well-being.

A detox period may occur for the first two weeks for some people, as the flower essences release traumas locked on cells on an energetic level.


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