Hand crafted and poured in small batches to ensure the highest potency.  All our ingredients are natural, we do not use any chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

Plants used are lovingly grown in our herb garden or procured from certified organic sources. Using slow methods and small batches we ensure that every product is of the highest potency, nourishing to mind, body and soul.  Small batches and slow methods does mean slow restocks and quick sell outs but please do contact us for preorders.  We can also make to order any of our items without Essential Oils or as vegan options, just contact us.

Our flagship store is located on the beautiful Gallery Walk on Tamborine Mountain.



about the creator 

Ever since I was young, having been gifted a herb book by my maternal grandmother, I have had a love of herbs.  Not just flowers or plants or trees but herbs!  They fascinate me endlessly.  Such unassuming, humble little plants with incredible magic.  I created my first herb garden at 12 and set about teaching my younger siblings the names and actions of each herb, getting them to taste the leaves and describe their flavours.  Now I do that for my own children, my daughter sucks the morning dew off the roses as often as she can.  I have a deep respect for Mother Earth, am spiritual in the sense that I believe everything has an energy.


After working in the wedding industry as a florist and stylist for a few years, having two babies and working throughout, never stopping, I burnt out from adrenal fatigue. It forced me to take a hard look at my life and after my son was born I made a change.  I started to embrace slow living principles and went back to my love of crafting and creating simply for the sake of it.  I started weaving and spinning my own yarn.  I asked my mum, who had been making soaps for ten years and is the brainchild behind Mabel Jane, to show me how to make oils, potions and creams and I jumped headfirst back into the familiar world of herbs.  It was like coming home.  Since then I’ve completed a herbal medicine course with the Chestnut School of Herbs and a diploma in Flower Essence Remedies. I feel a deep connection to my ancestry, my maternal line can be traced back to a small village in Germany on the edge of the Bohemian Forest.  My ancestor Fredericka escaped to Australia at 17 after being betrothed to a General old enough to be her grandfather.  It is her fierce courage and brave journey that I hope to do justice to with Bohemian Farmhouse.