Our own label of bath and body is hand crafted and poured in small batches to ensure the highest potency.  All our ingredients are natural, we do not use any chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

Plants used are lovingly grown in our herb garden or procured from certified organic sources. Using slow methods and small batches we ensure that every product is of the highest potency, nourishing to mind, body and soul.  Small batches and slow methods does mean slow restocks and quick sell outs.

Alongside our own label, we have handmade ceramics, offerings for your sacred space and altars, bohemian fashion and a carefully curated selection of homewares.

Our flagship store is located on the beautiful Gallery Walk on Tamborine Mountain.



about the creator 

Ever since I was young, having been gifted a herb book by my maternal grandmother, I have had a love of herbs.  Not just flowers or plants or trees but herbs!  They fascinate me endlessly.  Such unassuming, humble little plants with incredible magic.  I created my first herb garden at 12 and ever since have been creating lotions and potions.  I love practical magic and everything bohemian.