Hannah Forest - Naturopath & Herbalist

I am a BHSc qualified naturopath with a passion for helping others to cultivate a lifestyle that serves their highest good. I believe that the best way to enjoy your life and live happily, healthily and with purpose, is to make good choices for ourselves wherever possible.

My focus is in the realm of mental health, plant-based living and women’s wellbeing. If you are struggling with transitioning to a plant-based diet, need support in managing and overcoming persistent anxiety or are just looking for realistic, compassionate support then I might be the right naturopath for you. This is a judgement-free space, that is inclusive and welcoming for all. You matter, you are loved, and you deserve to live freely and in a place of exceptional health.

A naturopathy consult is basically a long conversation where I will ask you many questions, and then formulate a personalised treatment plan and/or prescription to address your needs. In my practise I regularly use herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, flower essence therapy, card readings, lifestyle design and iridology. If you have booked in for a 1:1 consultation with me, you are welcome to take advantage of any or all of these services!


In my spare time you might find me whipping up delicious vegan food in the kitchen, devouring a good book, cuddling my pets, tending to my plants in the garden or frolicking in the rainforest with my husband. I also enjoy making up fresh batches of my naturopathically-formulated herbal tea, which you can find here.

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