The Mystic Room

In our beautiful mystic room we have healings and spiritual readings available. 

Intuitive Tarot with Belle 

Intuitive Tarot and Oracle readings to provide guidance and clarity

$65 for half an hour. Please book direct with Belle on 0435393608 or email


Hannah Forest

Naturopath and Herbalist Hannah Forest can work with your unique body to help you achieve well being.  Her consults are thorough, getting to the root cause of issues and imbalances, with a prescription that is tailored to you.

 To book contact Hannah directly through her website


Elementress Healings and Readings

Fascinated by the mystical and magickal from a young age, Belle has dedicated much of her life to exploring the realms of the ‘otherworld’. Drawing on her Celtic roots and her love of folklore, folk magick as well as influences of galactic and elemental energies, Belle is an Elemental Witch walking the crooked path in her own unique way. She has her own range of magickal tea potions under the name of Elementress Botanicals and her healing sessions include a fusion of Shamanic, Ancient Egyptian and Reiki energies. She also offers eclectic divination workings which include casting of the Ogham (Celtic Tree Divination), Cards (Tarot/Oracle), and Scrying (Crystal or Fire, and Tea leaves). Lastly, what Belle brings to the ‘massage table’ is a beautiful form of massage for women, which is a lovely, nurturing, heart opening massage that is perfect as part of a regular self-care practice.

1 HR HEALING / DIVINATION (half hour divination reading and half hour healing) PLUS a take home tin of ELEMENTRESS BOTANICALS tea of your choice, to keep the beautiful Elemental Healing, Magick and Inspiration flowing! $135
1 HR HEALING, $130
Half hour HEALING $75
to book contact Belle directly through or call direct on 0411 480 391.