Nappy Rash Balm

Nappy Rash Balm

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Our Nappy Rash Balm helps to ease the burn of skin rashes and relieve chapped and chafed skin.  It is suitable and gentle enough to use as a nappy balm for babies.  We’ve also had men use it for inner thigh chafe caused by blistering hot Australian Summers.

Calendula is antifungal, antinflammatory and anticbacterial.  It assists with reducing redness and stimulates collagen production, aiding fast skin healing. 

The addition of Zinc Oxide (we use one with no nano particles), which is essential for our bodies when they need to heal from any skin related injury or condition, also helps create a protective barrier which is moist and clean facilitating skin repair.

 20ml amber jar  

This balm is very gentle and is full of soothing botanicals, but as with any product that's new to you, try a small patch test first to ensure its compatibility with your skin. As with all products containing herbs and essential oils, please consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant or nursing.