Persephone Body Oil

Persephone Body Oil

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“Earth mother we hear you. Earth mother you teach us your resilience and generosity of spirit.”

The aroma of this oil is like walking along a carpet of lemony scented leaves, with a field of flowers on either side. Infused with calming herbs known as nervines. Lavender, lemon balm and chamomile are immersed in rich but light seed and nut oils, their leaves and blossoms releasing their magick for two full moons. This body oil is a potent potion for relaxation. Body oiling is a divine practice to introduce into your self care routine for anxiety and stress management. 

Before bed massage the oil into your whole body (or just your legs and belly). You could lay a towel down first to avoid getting oil on your linen. Let the oil deep deep into your skin, let it drink it in so it reached down to your nervous system and nourished the casings of your nerves. When these casings are well lubricated your nervous system works better, it’s more flexible and functional so you can manage stress and anxiety easier. 

You can wash the oil off afterwards or sleep in it. A once a week ritual practice which you can revisit anytime when needed. 

50ml glass pump bottle. 

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