Flower Essence Remedies

Flower Essence Remedies

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Flower Essences are vibrational medicine. They address emotional, mental or spiritual concerns.  We’ve created six remedies. 

1. Radiant Glow; for helping to unlock the underlying emotional and mental blocks which can create skin concerns like acne. 

2. Anxiety Ally; for helping with anxiety and stress

3. Medicine Mother; for all mother’s who can’t stop their minds at night, who worry over their children; who feel overwhelmed. 

4. Self Love; build inner trust; faith in your own abilities and judgement and for self esteem and confidence. 

5. Sleep; helpful for a good nights sleep, for those with circulating thoughts, over tired and over stressed/overworked, can’t switch off, forever thinking of the to do list.

6. The Bridge; for grief, loss of job or breakup any distressing major change.

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