High Priestess - Heart Healer Aura Mist

High Priestess - Heart Healer Aura Mist

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Our Aura Mists are a blend of flower waters, infused with flower essences and essential oil blends all working together in harmony to create a mind altering and emotionally shifting experience.  These mists have specific purposes to encourage much needed change in your emotional states, whether it’s anything from recovering from a break up, learning to embrace the extreme highs and lows that come with motherhood or overcoming shyness.

High Priestess was created for those going through major upheavals in life, anything from a relationship breakup to the loss of a loved one.  The word priest means bridge and that’s what this mist is, a bridge to help you get from one side to the other.

Through the flower essences and essential oils, this mist can help with:

  • extreme grief, anguish or despair
  • anger, jealousy, suspicion
  • shock and trauma of past events
  • living in the past and being unable to let go
  • lack of strength to carry on
  • adapting to change and transition
  • feelings of losing control

The mist can be sprayed directly on the skin or clothing, or around the aura. Flower essences work on the emotional body and the essential oils through aromatherapy.

In a 50ml amber glass spray bottle.