Ways of the Healer - The Maiden | Ebook

Ways of the Healer - The Maiden | Ebook

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"The transition from child to maiden is turbulent but full of magic"

This eBook is a comprehensive and beautifully laid out manual for what it means to be a girl just starting into the journey of adulthood. The average woman has on average 450 periods in her lifetime and many have no real idea how to harness the power of their periods.  Some don’t even know how to figure out when they are ovulating or what it means to have cramping.

It’s full of information every woman wishes they knew when they were just starting their menstrual cycle making it an ideal guide for girls just starting their cycle to women of all ages who have never been gifted this empowering knowledge. You can love your cycle.

You will learn;

  • Things they never taught you in clinical sexual education classes in school 
  • How to cycle with the moon and what a red moon and white moon means
  • The phases of your cycle and how to optimise each phase for overall wellbeing
  • Herbs for nurturing and balancing hormones
  • How to identify when you are ovulating and what the hormonal birth control pill actually does to your body
  • Recipes and practices for maintaining periods that are free from stress, anxiety and pain

If you want to know how to navigate these times with grace and learn practical ways to help with issues from cramps to emotional irritation to acne then you need this eBook.  

This is the first in a series including Ways of the Mother and Ways of the Crone.  

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