Women’s Cacao Ceremony Circle
Women’s Cacao Ceremony Circle
Women’s Cacao Ceremony Circle

Women’s Cacao Ceremony Circle

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CACAO CEREMONY - 7th March Saturday at 6pm at our store Shop D, 119 Long Road, Tamborine Mountain.  

Cacao Ceremonies are sacred rituals that open a portal to reconnect with nature and therefore to our own nature.


When shared in sacred sisterhood, it connects women to each other, soul to soul; opening and expanding our hearts to experience healing and awakening while transforming our feminine collective.


Today Cacao Ceremonies are raising all around the globe as they are considered sacred rituals for profound spiritual awakening.


Cacao is a sacred medicinal plant originally from Mesoamerica and Mexico

It is known for the Mayans (my ancestors) as “Food of the Gods” for its healing and medicinal benefits 


At a physical level,  raw and ceremonial grade Cacao is one of the most precious wholefoods, alive in spirit ever found:


A powerful elixir rich in antioxidants and potent neurotransmitters, scientifically proven, to work as"bliss chemicals", producing the same chemistry in the brain that occurs when we fall in love.


She improves our mood by promoting feelings of comfort, contentment, happiness, relaxation, and well-being.     

At a spiritual level she is a portal to open our connection to the heart ❤️ and she refines our awareness to receiving insights and clarity to manifest our dream reality 

These ceremonies are sacred for Women that are ready to reconnect 

with their feminine wisdom and the wisdom of Mother Nature, experiencing great healing and transformation at a personal level and also contributing to healing our feminine collective


If you feel you are ready for tasting the medicine of Cacao, join us on Saturday, March 7th- for our first Cacao Ceremony and Women’s Circle ~Manifest your Dream-Life-Reality, hosted by Beatriz Davila 

A night to hold hands and share dreams with our soul-tribe



Beatriz helps women re-connect with themselves and awaken to their feminine wisdom and the cycles of mother nature so that they can amplify their level of awareness and build a more genuine-loving-nourishing relationship with themselves.


In this awakening, they can find more balance and peace, flow with the rhythms of life, live in more harmony and synchronicity with their inner and outer cycles, and in perfect alignment with who they truly are.


She is passionate about everything related to Yoga, health & wellbeing, feminine wisdom, rituals of self-care, and the cycles of Mother Nature.

She is the founder of Be&live Yoga and The Fully Awakened Woman

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